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Static Exhibits

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Cloverbud Exhibits: Lenlee Mills—3 exhibits, Shaylene VanZee—3 exhibits, Bradyn Medricky—1 exhibit, and Caden Knudson—3 exhibits. Aerospace and Rocketry: Logan Williams—Purple and Tucker VanZee—Purple. Clothing: Luke Dangel—Purple, Katelyn Dvorak—Purple, Emma Kreeger—2 Purples, Bradley Dangel—Purple, Tanner Dyk—Purple, Kendra Kreeger—Purple, Eden Williams—Purple, Darby Knoll—Purple, and Abigail Svatos—Blue. Rosette Winners: Katelyn Dvorak, Kendra Kreeger, and Darby Knoll. Consumer Education: Bane VanZee—2 Purples and Tucker VanZee—Purple. Energy for Farm, Home, & Transportation: Bradley Dangel—Purple. Rosette Winner: Bradley Dangel. Food Preservation: Luke Dangel—5 Purples, Kaelee Pazour—1 Purple and 1 White, Tessa Pazour—1 Purple and 1 White, Bradley Dangel—5 Purples, Maesa Dvorak—2 Purples, Darby Knoll—1 Purple, Jazlyn Lhotak—1 Purple, Olivia Breen—1 Purple. Tucker VanZee—1 Blue, and Karstyn Lhotak—1 Blue. Open Class Food Preservation: MaryAnn Knoll—1 Purple, MaryAnn Deurmier—9 Purples, and Alice Koupal—1 Purple. Rosette Winners: Luke Dangel, Bradley Dangel, and Darby Knoll. Foods & Nutrition: Emery Bultje—Purple, Marin Bultje—Purple, JayCee Dibbet—1 Purple and 1 Blue, Jazlyn Lhotak—Purple, Luke Dangel—Purple, Rory Bultsma—Purple, Abigail Svatos—Blue, Riata Bultje—Purple, Coy Bultsma—Purple, Katelyn Dvorak—Purple, Avery Schacht—Purple, Darby Knoll—3 Purples, Rose Eitemiller—Purple, Bradley Dangel—Purple, Hadli Holzbauer—Blue, Berklee Mills—Blue, Karstyn Lhotak—Blue, and Emmit Holzbauer—Blue. Open Class Foods & Nutrition: MaryAnn Knoll—Purple. Rosette Winners: Marin Bultje, Bradley Dangel, and Darby Knoll. Hobbies & Collections: Luke Dangel—2 Purples, Emma Kreeger—1 Purple, Wyatt Johnson—1 Purple, Berklee Mills—2 Purples, Tucker VanZee—1 Purple, Bennet VanZee—1 Purple, and Bradley Dangel—1 Blue. Rosette Winner: Bennet VanZee. Home Environment: Hadli Holzbauer—1 Purple, Katelyn Dvorak—3 Purples, Dodge VanDuysen—1 Purple, Abigail Svatos—1 Purple and 2 Blues, Riata Bultje—1 Purple, Taylor VanDuysen—1 Purple, Rose Eitemiller—1 Purple, Sienna Varilek—1 Purple, Jazlyn Lhotak—1 Purple, JayCee Dibbet—1 Purple, Berklee Mills—2 Purples, Lexi Schoenfelder—1 Purple, Emery Bultje—2 Blues, and Marin Bultje—1 Blue. Rosette Winners: Katelyn Dvorak, Taylor VanDuysen, and Rose Eitemiller. Horticulture: Luke Dangel—1 Purple and 2 Blues, Bradley Dangel—1 Purple and 2 Blues, Abigail Svatos—1 Blue, Jhett Breen—2 Purples, Olivia Breen 1 Purple, and 1 Blue, and Bane VanZee—1 Red. Open Class Horticulture: Alice Koupal—1 Purple. Rosette Winners: Luke Dangel, Jhett Breen, and Olivia Breen. Photography: Emery Bultje—2 Purples and 1 Blue, Luke Dangel—1 Purple, JayCee Dibbet—3 Purples and 1 Blue, Marin Bultje—3 Purples and 4 Blues, Riata Bultje—8 Purples and 2 Blues, Katelyn Dvorak—5 Purples and 1 Blue, Emma Kreeger—1 Purple and 2 Blues, JaCee Dvorak—9 Purples and 6 Blues, Tanner Dyk—1 Purple and 1 Blue, Abigail Svatos—2 Purples and 3 Blues, Bradley Dangel—2 Purples and 1 Blue, Rose Eitemiller—1 Purple and 1 Blue, and Avery Schacht—3 Purples, 5 Blues, and 1 Red. Rosette Winners: JayCee Dibbet, Riata Bultje, and Rose Eitemiller. Safety: Bradley Dangel—Purple. Visual Arts: Marin Bultje—2 Purples, Katelyn Dvorak—1 Purple, Emma Kreeger—2 Purples, Dodge VanDuysen—1 Purple, Darby Knoll—1 Purple, Lexi Schoenfelder—1 Purple, Bane VanZee—1 Purple, Riata Bultje—2 Purples and 1 Blue, Tucker VanZee—1 Purple and 1 Blue, Bennet VanZee—1 Blue, Olivia Breen—1 Blue, Berklee Mills—1 Purple and 1 Blue, and JayCee Dibbet—1 Blue. Rosette Winners: Lexi Schoenfelder, Riata Bultje, and Darby Knoll Welding Science: Darby Knoll—Purple and Taylor VanDuysen—Blue. Wood Science: Logan Williams—Purple, Rory Bultsma—Purple, Luke Dangel—Purple, Peytyn Medricky—Purple, Coy Bultsma—Purple, Bradley Dangel—Purple, Karstyn Lhotak—2 Purples, Abigail Svatos—Purple, Eden Williams—Purple, Jhett Breen—Purple, Bane VanZee—Purple, Katelyn Dvorak—Purple, Olivia Breen—Purple, Emery Bultje—Blue, and Kendra Kreeger—Blue. Rosette Winners: Eden Williams. Writing & Public Speaking: Tanner Dyk—Purple Rosette Winner: Tanner Dyk. Congratulations and a job well done to all 4-H’ers and their projects. Each exhibitor may show a limit of 10 static exhibits and 10 livestock exhibits. Good Luck at the South Dakota State Fair August 29- September 3rd in Huron, SD! 4-H would also like to thank everyone for attending the 4-H BBQ Thursday, August 2nd! It was a great turn-out and we appreciated everyone’s support. We especially want to thank Tim Johannsen for cooking the meat, Wagner SuperFoods and Buche Foods for donating buns, Cahoy’s General Store for donating chips, Platte Food Center for donating the lemonade, Frei Insurance for donating baked beans, Country Pride for plates, Commercial State Bank and Bank West-Geddes for napkins, Geddes CO-OP for forks, and Midwest Ag for cups, and everyone who helped prepare and serve the meal. Everyone’s support and generosity is greatly appreciated!