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Funeral services for Shane W. Drapeau “Tatanka Pejuta Wicasa”, Jr., 28, of Marty were held Saturday, January 27 at the Marty High School Gym in Marty. Burial was in the St. Paul’s Catholic Cemetery. Peters Funeral Home of Wagner was in charge of arrangements.

Shane Wayne Drapeau Jr. “Tatanka Pejuta Wicasa” was born December 22, 1995 to Galena Drapeau and Shane Stabler Sr. He was the oldest of three, his siblings Glenn and Shailea Stabler. He has two daughters Sienna and Souline and companion Natisha Wagner. Shane’s maternal grandparents are Genelli and the late Galen Drapeau Sr. and Paternal grandparents Rita Stabler and Thomas Baxter.

In the embrace of our ancestors, we announce the passing of Shane Drapeau, a cherished son, devoted father and respected member of our Dakota community. Shane walked on to the spirit world January 23, 2024, leaving behind a legacy woven with tradition, love and wisdom.

Shane was a graduate of Sinte Gleska University in 2018 with an associates in Business Management. He was a man of many talents and passions. His skilled hands crafted flutes that not only played melodies, but also told stories of our people. These flutes were more than instruments; they were the echoes of our history and the whispers of our ancestors.

His love for basketball and anime showcased his youthful spirit and his connection to contemporary culture, while his devotion to attending powwows reflected his deep-rooted respect for our traditions. Shane’s work with the youth at Marty Indian School was a testament to his belief in nurturing the next generation, guiding them with the wisdom of our ancestors, and the innovation of the modern world.

In the kitchen, Shane was a maestro. His cooking brought together family and friends. Creating moments of joy and togetherness. It was these simple, shared experiences that he valued most, always finding peace and happiness in the company of loved ones.

Above all, Shane’s greatest pride and joy were his daughters, Sienna and Souline. His love story with Natisha Wagner for five years blossomed in to a beautiful family. The bond he shared with his girls was profound and unbreakable. He lived and breathed for them and in every beat of their hearts, his legacy will continue.

We had the honor of walking alongside Shane, learning from his gentle spirit and his unwavering commitment to family, community and tradition. His departure leaves a void in our hearts, but we find comfort in knowing that his journey continues in the spirit world, guided by the ancestors who walked before him.

As we gather to remember Shane, let us honor his memory by living as he did - with kindness, courage and an unending love for our people and our culture. Shane Drapeau, a beloved father, a gifted artist and a proud Dakota man, will forever remain in our hearts and stories. His spirit, like his flute, will continue to resonate through generations. A melody of love, heritage and resilience. He will be greatly missed by many of aunties, uncles, cousins and extended family.